New: Fall Line Extensions

FLOR has expanded the color palette on some of its best-selling styles!  All are made with durable, 100% recycled nylon fibers so they not only look good, they’re also tough enough for your next commercial project.

Lasting Grateness™: Our take on a fanciful grill work pattern in tight loop fibers–a one-of-a-kind look designed to vary from square to square. Lasting Grateness™ now has nine new colors:  Slate, Lavender, Ocean, Teal, Emerald, Kiwi, Maize, Clementine and Pink.


Above: Lasting Grateness-Teal.  $15/Design Square


Above: Lasting Grateness – Pink. $15/Design Square


Above: Lasting Grateness – Ocean. $15/Design Square
LastingGrateness_Clementine_WBAbove: Lasting Grateness – Clementine. $15/Design Square

Mod Cow™: This classic Holstein pattern mimics the uniqueness found in nature–every square is an original.  Now available in Tan & Grey.

ModCow_Grey_WBAbove: Mod Cow – Grey. $17/Design Square
ModCow_Tan_WBAbove: Mod Cow – Tan. $17/Design Square

Chenille Charade™ : A richly, textured pattern reminiscent of over-dyed Persian rug remnants in bold saturated colors–vintage appeal for today’s busy lifestyles.  Now available in Bone, Titanium, Slate, Black.


Above: Chenille Charade – Slate. $21/Design Square


Above: Chenille Charade – Bone. $21/Design Square
ChenilleCharade_Black_WBAbove: Chenille Charade – Black. $21/Design Square

Suit Yourself™ : The distinctive look of sisal with a subtle herringbone pattern in a nature-inspired neutral color palette. Now available in : Slate, Storm, Granite, Titanium, Pewter, & Nimbus.


Above: Suit Yourself – Storm. $11/Design Square


Above: Suit Yourself – Nimbus. $11/Design Square


Above: Suit Yourself – Granite. $11/Design Square

Parallel Reality™ : Soft, varied textural bands of colorful stripes that literally span the rainbow. Use alone or mix them up–they’ll definitely brighten any space.  Now available in Seaway.

ParallelReality_Seaway_WBAbove: Parallel Reality – Seaway. $15/Design Square
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NEW Fall 2013 Collection

It’s time to usher in the Fall season with FLOR’s new collection of globally-inspired designs, colors and textures.   All styles meet commercial specifications and are made from 100% recycled nylon fibers.


Above: A layered-rug look blending the classic, woven texture of Sew What in Grey with the soft, irregular braid patterning of Sweater Weather in Tan.

For fall, we’ve introduced two, bold styles to our Graphic Patterns collection (Jimdandy and Positive Slant).  The sharp, geometric angles and high-contrast yarns used in these styles merges today’s fashions with interior design for a truly unique look. Both are a great complement to our top-selling Graphic Pattern style, Lasting Grateness.

Jim Dandy Slate

Above:  Jimdandy in Slate – this bold, fragmented geometric pattern makes for a quick and easy statement rug.  Available in Black, Slate (shown),  Titanium, Flannel Blue, and Indigo. $15/Design Square.

Positive Slant Black

Above: Positive Slant in Black and White – the undulating, diagonal stripes in this style can create a variety of optical illusion effects – from a chevron to an arrow pattern to an expanding geometric maze – with a simple turn of the square.  Available in Black (shown), White (shown), Slate, Titanium, Lavender, Periwinkle, and Seafoam. $15/Design Square.

We’ve added this season’s hottest color – Emerald – to our two most popular Core Solid styles, (Made You Look and Heaven Sent).  

Above:  Made You Look in Emerald – the largest color bank in our Core Solids collection, the subtly textured cut and loop surface resembles barkcloth comes in over 70 amazing colors. It’s our big box of crayons, designed to coordinate with every other FLOR style. $15/Design Square.


Above:  Heaven Sent in Emerald – soft, level loops with distinctive beveled edge detail in a spectrum of versatile colors that blend beautifully with most other FLOR styles.  $15/Design Square.

Playing off the success of our summer introductions, we’ve added four, luxurious styles to our (Better Than) Wool collection (Jump Jive, High Note, Swing Beat and Carry a Torch) – all made using 100% recycled nylon fibers for a plush (yet durable) design.  All styles carry a commercial warranty and are commercially rated.


Above:  (Better Than) Wool Collection – we’ve combined Jump Jive, Carry a Torch, Swing Beat and Vintage Vibe all in Cream to create a soft and plush patchwork rug that brings elegance and sophistication (and performance) to any space.


Above: High Note in Cream – soft and welcoming, this plush neutral complements other textured FLOR styles and offers a plush, seamless look on its own.

Inspired by the raw beauty and unique color variations found in natural concrete, we’ve merged hard-edge style with an unexpectedly soft surface for a sleek, industrial look that’s gentle to the touch.  Introducing:  Something Concrete.


Above: Something Concrete in various colors gives the illusion of raw concrete.   Available in Tan, Cream, Light Grey, Charcoal, and Brown.  $15/Design Square.


Above: Something Concrete in Brown with a half-tile inset using the Full Kilt in Bark. FLOR offers Cutting Services for $3.50 per tile.



Above: Diagonal cut tiles of Mild Mannered in Hawkeye , Rake Me Over in Bone & Made You Look in Dark Brown.


Above: Diagonal cut tiles of Made You Look in Black, Teal, Mint, Light Blue, Frost, & Titanium. $15/Design Square.


Above: Classic chevron design with a textural story featuring diagonal cuts of Fedora in Chartreuse, $9/Design Square; Made You Look in Titanium and Orange. $15/Design Square.


Above: Cambium in Geranium – clever camouflage patterning with unexpected, acid-bright color combinations.  $17/Design Square. 

Sample FLOR Styles:
Choose from FLOR’s full product assortment – our samples are cut from full-size carpet squares and are meant to represent color and texture.


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Why FLOR for Your Project?
FLOR blends great design with high performance and offers unique, expressive design flexibility for any space. Our impressive palette of unique colors, patterns and textures lets you amp up the design quotient for your project and creatively define areas within spaces.

The FLOR product line blends rigorous quality standards with a distinctive design sensibility making it suitable for all types of contract applications, including: corporate environments, high-rise residential/condos, executive offices, boutique hospitality, small business, retail, tradeshows and more.

What Makes FLOR Different?
Conventional carpet installation methods use adhesives, nails or tacks, which not only require labor and prep work to the subfloor, but often include the use of additional chemicals that can emit toxic odors (VOCs).

FLOR goes together using our patented FLORdot technology – a one-sided, non-toxic adhesive that adheres directly to the back of each FLOR square, not to the floor underneath.  FLORdots install quickly and easily requiring only a clean, smooth, undamaged surface free of moisture – saving prep and drying wait time, which can lead to increased productivity by as much as 10%.  That means you (and your clients) save time and money, and you are able to complete more projects, faster.

The non-toxic adhesive in FLORdots means virtually zero VOCs and an environmental footprint that is over 90% lower than that of traditional glue adhesives; they also can be recycled along with FLOR carpet tiles.

How Do I Get Started?
With no minimum order requirements, preferred pricing on large orders and a convenient quick-ship program (most orders ship same day), FLOR is perfect for your next project. Call 866.281.3567 or submit this online form to learn how FLOR can work for you.

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NEW | Summer 2013 Collection

For summer, FLOR invites you to Welcome the World into Your World with its collection of globally-inspired designs, colors and textures.  All styles meet commercial specifications and made from 100% recycled nylon fibers.


Above:  A layered rug look using Lasting Grateness in Indigo, Vintage Vibe in Cream and half-cuts of Made You Look in Blue Jay and Ocean.

Inspired by Moroccan Beni Ourian rugs and traditional berbers of the region, we’ve developed a collection of styles that offer the familiar look and comfort of wool but in 100% recycled nylon fibers – blending luxury and commercial durability.


Above:  Jitterbug Memories – a richly textured, multi-directional zigzag pattern that’s artfully durable and impossible to lay incorrectly.  Available in Black (shown), Grey and Taupe – $28/design square.


Above: Vintage Vibe – a modern take on traditional Moroccan patterning.  The textural irregularities honor the historical limitations of crude weaving equipment while making seamless installations a cinch.  Shown in Cream, surrounded by a third-tile border of Jitterbug Memories in Taupe – $28/design square.


Above:  Alternating bands of Familiar Chorus in Taupe with Mellow Mood in Taupe and Cream.  Familiar Chorus features bold and irregular bands of soft, wooly-like tones that come together seamlessly.  Available in Grey, Taupe (shown) and Brown – $26/design square.  This style coordinates perfectly with Mellow Mood and Laid Back Groove.


Above:  Mellow Mood – an all-over heathered quality provides a solid, neutral backdrop suitable for any space.  Available in Cream, Grey (shown) and Taupe – $24/design square.


Above: Laid Back Groove – subtle striations provide a subtle, linear rhythm across a solid background for a seamless look and pleasant feel underfoot.  Available in Black (shown), Taupe (shown) and Brown – $26/design square.

Add the sophistication of neutral tones – in understated stripes or solid color – all commercially rated and suitable for any project.


Above:  Like Minded – a sophisticated pinstripe with rows of high and low loops for textural variation. Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple and Teal – $14/design square.


Above:  Made You Look in Beige, Bone, Eggnog, Fawn, Pearl, Pebble, Porpoise and Tawny.  Available in 70 colors, in total – $14/design square.

Combining bold blocks of color makes for a dramatic design statement with minimal effort.


Above: Made You Look in Black, Blue Jay, Persimmon and Slate – Available in 70 colors, $14/design square.


Above: Alternating blocks of color and texture featuring (front to back): Hither & Yon in Light Blue, Made You Look in Tangerine, Roadside Attraction in Haze, Crossroads in Black, Heaven Sent in Light Blue and Marigold, Chenille Charade in Kiwi, Front Row in Clover and Made You Look in Wave.

Organic, textural patterns designed for easy, non-directional installation make sense for any space.


Above:  Mod Cow in Black. Also available in Brown – $16/design square.


Above: Pretty Promise – a flowing botanical, biomimicry inspired design that is tougher than it may look.  Available in Palm, Lime, Slate (shown) and Black – $14/design square.

The trend of layering rugs continues throughout the design world.  Achieve the look without the expense and waste of literally stacking up rugs.


Above: Illusion of rug layers using Remembrance in Teal, Chenille Charade in Azure and Reoriented in Grey.


Above: Remembrance in Teal, also available in Fuchsia, Brown, Slate and Black – $16/design square.


Above: Richly textured and boldly saturated Chenille Charade in Azure, also available in Tangerine, Frost, Kiwi, Maize and Persimmon – $20/design square.


Above: Reoriented in Grey, also available in Pepper, Pink, Lavender, Teal and Chartreuse – $18/design square.

Create intricate designs and patterns by cutting FLOR squares for a custom-crafted look.


Above: Diagonal cuts of Chenille Charade in Persimmon and Remembrance in Fuchsia along with Made You Look in Denim arranged in a bespoke “starburst” design.

* * * *


  1. Styles design using 100% recycled nylon fibers and manufactured to meet commercial specifications.

  2. Ability to handle small orders that use multiple products for complex and unique design solutions.

  3. Designs inspired by current consumer trends – bold colors, complex patterns, luxurious textures – unlike most other commercial product offerings.

  4. Ability to provide expert design assistance for custom solutions.

  5. Quick ship capabilities with no minimums.

For questions or to place your contract order, call 866.281.3567 or use this online form.

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Spring 2013 Collection

Our new spring collection is flush with design possibilities that let you easily transform any space with striking FLOR compositions.  Compose your own work of art in colors and patterns that span from neutral to bold, from vintage to classic to contemporary.

All styles are commercially rated and can be delivered in 5 to 7 business days.  Call 866.281.3567 for information or to place an order for your contract needs.


Style: Made You Look in diagonal cuts


Style: Made You Look


Style: Made You Look with diagonal cuts for a Chevron pattern


Style: Made You Look

Made You Look | Now in 70 gorgeous colors, this plentiful palette is designed to coordinate with the entire FLOR collection.  Add unique cuts to your design (available through our Cutting Service), and the possibilities are virtually limitless.  Available in 70 colors; $14/tile.  Parquet installation recommended.


Style: Chenille Charade

NEW Chenille Charade | Rich, saturated colors etched in plush, vintage-inspired softness – this is our take on a familiar, over-dyed textile pattern.  Available in 6 colors; $20/tile.  Non-directional installation.


Style: Seeing Stripes

NEW Seeing Stripes | Irregular stripes in vibrant color combinations – a perfect mix of performance with a soft touch.


Style: Settle Down (shot on location at Optimo Fine Hats, Chicago)

Settle Down | The elegance of natural, woven texture in a high-performing 100% recycled nylon fiber.  Available in 5 colors; $14/tile.  Parquet installation.


Style: Rake Me Over

Rake Me Over | Beautiful, seamless design in unconventional color options.  Shown here using diagonal cuts to create a unique, Chevron pattern.  Available in 32 colors; $18/tile.  Monolithic (straight) installation.



Style: Heaven Sent


Style: Heaven Sent


Style: Heaven Sent

Heaven  Sent | Soft loop construction with distinctive beveled edge detail – now in 35 lush colors.  Available in 35 colors; $14/tile.  Monolithic (straight) installation recommended.


Style: Parallel Reality

Parallel Reality | Popular stripe design in soft loops that work for any space – now in more colors.  Available in 8 colorways; $14/tile.  Parquet installation recommended.


Style: Roadside Attraction

Roadside Attraction | Familiar look of sisal in 100% recycled nylon for unmatched flexibility and practicality.  Available in 5 colors; $16/tile.  Parquet or monolithic (straight) installation.

* * * *

All styles are commercially rated and can be delivered in 5 to 7 business days.  Call 866.952.4093 for information or to place an order for your contract needs.

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H&M Offices

We were thrilled to work with retailer, H&M, to help them makeover their downtown Chicago office space.

They were looking for a Tetris-inspired design, so our in-house design team put their skills to work and came up with this awesome pattern.  Partnering with a professional installer who shared the team’s vision helped ensure the concept was executed flawlessly.

Shown: House Pet

We also created a unique area rug for the reception area using a bold mix of colors and patterns.  It reflects the spirited and fashionable attitude of the brand.

* * * *

To learn more about how FLOR can work for your office or retail environment, call us at 866.281.3567.

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Watershed Restaurant Project – Atlanta, GA

Our design team at the FLOR Store Atlanta worked with local designer Smith Hanes to create this gorgeous buffalo plaid using FLOR style House Pet in Hamster, Irish Setter and Siamese for the Watershed restaurant, located in Atlanta’s Brookwood Hills neighborhood.

A buffalo plaid design using House Pet in colors Siamese, Hamster and Irish Setter.

Hanes was looking for a flooring solution that would complement the neutral palette he chose for the Watershed, which is owned by Emily Saliers of the band Indigo Girls. Working with our Atlanta team, he settled on the whiskery texture of House Pet for its amazing performance qualities and extensive color selection.  The end result:  understated elegance.

* * *

Looking for a creative solution for your contract space?  We can help.  Call us at 866.281.3567 or submit details online.

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