Why FLOR for Your Project?
FLOR blends great design with high performance and offers unique, expressive design flexibility for any space. Our impressive palette of unique colors, patterns and textures lets you amp up the design quotient for your project and creatively define areas within spaces.

The FLOR product line blends rigorous quality standards with a distinctive design sensibility making it suitable for all types of contract applications, including: corporate environments, high-rise residential/condos, executive offices, boutique hospitality, small business, retail, tradeshows and more.

What Makes FLOR Different?
Conventional carpet installation methods use adhesives, nails or tacks, which not only require labor and prep work to the subfloor, but often include the use of additional chemicals that can emit toxic odors (VOCs).

FLOR goes together using our patented FLORdot technology – a one-sided, non-toxic adhesive that adheres directly to the back of each FLOR square, not to the floor underneath.  FLORdots install quickly and easily requiring only a clean, smooth, undamaged surface free of moisture – saving prep and drying wait time, which can lead to increased productivity by as much as 10%.  That means you (and your clients) save time and money, and you are able to complete more projects, faster.

The non-toxic adhesive in FLORdots means virtually zero VOCs and an environmental footprint that is over 90% lower than that of traditional glue adhesives; they also can be recycled along with FLOR carpet tiles.

How Do I Get Started?
With no minimum order requirements, preferred pricing on large orders and a convenient quick-ship program (most orders ship same day), FLOR is perfect for your next project. Call 866.281.3567 or submit this online form to learn how FLOR can work for you.

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