New: Fall Line Extensions

FLOR has expanded the color palette on some of its best-selling styles!  All are made with durable, 100% recycled nylon fibers so they not only look good, they’re also tough enough for your next commercial project.

Lasting Grateness™: Our take on a fanciful grill work pattern in tight loop fibers–a one-of-a-kind look designed to vary from square to square. Lasting Grateness™ now has nine new colors:  Slate, Lavender, Ocean, Teal, Emerald, Kiwi, Maize, Clementine and Pink.


Above: Lasting Grateness-Teal.  $15/Design Square


Above: Lasting Grateness – Pink. $15/Design Square


Above: Lasting Grateness – Ocean. $15/Design Square
LastingGrateness_Clementine_WBAbove: Lasting Grateness – Clementine. $15/Design Square

Mod Cow™: This classic Holstein pattern mimics the uniqueness found in nature–every square is an original.  Now available in Tan & Grey.

ModCow_Grey_WBAbove: Mod Cow – Grey. $17/Design Square
ModCow_Tan_WBAbove: Mod Cow – Tan. $17/Design Square

Chenille Charade™ : A richly, textured pattern reminiscent of over-dyed Persian rug remnants in bold saturated colors–vintage appeal for today’s busy lifestyles.  Now available in Bone, Titanium, Slate, Black.


Above: Chenille Charade – Slate. $21/Design Square


Above: Chenille Charade – Bone. $21/Design Square
ChenilleCharade_Black_WBAbove: Chenille Charade – Black. $21/Design Square

Suit Yourself™ : The distinctive look of sisal with a subtle herringbone pattern in a nature-inspired neutral color palette. Now available in : Slate, Storm, Granite, Titanium, Pewter, & Nimbus.


Above: Suit Yourself – Storm. $11/Design Square


Above: Suit Yourself – Nimbus. $11/Design Square


Above: Suit Yourself – Granite. $11/Design Square

Parallel Reality™ : Soft, varied textural bands of colorful stripes that literally span the rainbow. Use alone or mix them up–they’ll definitely brighten any space.  Now available in Seaway.

ParallelReality_Seaway_WBAbove: Parallel Reality – Seaway. $15/Design Square
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