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FLOR’s innovative 50cm x 50cm (19.7-in x 19.7-in) carpet squares allow you to create custom flooring that easily adapt to any space – around columns, into corners, down aisles, etc.  The coordinated system of complementing colors, patterns and textures offers a unique and expressive design experience unlike any other.

Easy Installation and Assembly
FLOR squares go together easily (and securely) with our patented, non-toxic FLORdot™  adhesives – no nails, padding, glue or extra costs.  They connect squares to each other, not the floor, so they’re removable and replaceable making them incredibly versatile.  For larger installations, we offer a Professional Installation Program (in select markets).

Modular Squares Mean Less Waste
Unlike broadloom carpeting, there is little waste with FLOR squares – no padding, less cutting and installation time – which translates into less trimming waste and cost.  Our expertly engineered backing provides structural integrity and is specifically designed to “hug” each square securely to the floor, making traditional carpet and rug padding obsolete. What’s more, FLOR squares are easily removable, washable and replaceable – so, you change squares, not rooms.

Good Design is Smart Design
Part of the Interface family of companies, FLOR is thoughtfully-designed and manufactured with a focus on sustainability.  Our products contain varying degrees of renewable or recycled content – with all new styles using 100% recycled Nylon face fibers – and are recyclable through our Return & Recycle Program, ensuring no FLOR ends up in a landfill.

Most FLOR styles are commercially-rated – performing in even the most demanding environments – and meet or exceed the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus standards for Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Plus FLOR squares contain the antimicrobial (Intercept®), which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

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